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Standish Executive Search, a Founding Member and Sponsor of The Business Value Forum

As part of its mission to help small and medium sized business position themselves for growth, Standish Executive Search is pleased to announce it is a founding member and sponsor of The Business Value Forum. The Forum, in collaboration with Bryant University, offers programs on contemporary business challenges encountered at each stage of the business life-cycle, from start-up to ownership transition.

“As an executive search firm concentrating on small and mid-size businesses seeking accelerated growth, change or succession we know firsthand that companies who want to get to the next level need to standout, and find ways of doing things differently than their competitors,” said Stanley H. Davis, principal of Standish Executive Search. “The programs offered by The Business Value Forum are designed to provide meaningful education and discussion that offer value whether your business is manufacturing or technology, family or employee-owned, a start-up or established entity.”

The Business Value Forum is a non-profit membership organization that regularly brings together a mixed group of business leaders, advisors and educators in an environment that encourages information sharing and idea generation. For more information about the Business Value Forum, please visit:

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