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Leadership Strategy & Recruitment

Our leadership principals know what it takes to move companies forward


Boards, CEOs and company owners continually face new challenges and pressures. Today’s most successful enterprises have leaders who adapt their companies to respond to innovations, changing business climates, societal/consumer demands ... while still driving performance.

With decades of corporate leadership and advisory experience, we know what it takes to lead and succeed. Standish helps you to assess, develop and plan for the skills needed in leadership roles and then makes it easy for you to recruit and retain the right leaders to drive change, succession and growth.

The result? A high performing senior team that ensures your future focus and readiness for whatever lies ahead.

  • Build an executive succession plan
    Failing to plan for your company's future leadership is planning to fail. A sudden, unanticipated change of leadership can cause ripple effects among your employees, customers and stakeholders alike. Leadership that takes a strategic approach to succession planning is prepared to meet future challenges without disruption.
  • Build the right senior-level team
    A future-focused, senior-level team is a powerful strategic asset. There is no room for error in the selection of leaders. Standish Executive Search draws from its vast database and resources, and deloys our Standish Model©, designed to leave little to chance. We help you build the right structure and attract and retain the right talent.
  • Select, engage and assimilate a new executive"
    Today’s executives must drive performance while continuously transforming and repositioning their business. And they need to lead beyond their own organization to influence their industry, customers, suppliers and regulators. Standish Executive Search helps you identify, attract and retain the best leaders who will bring the right intellect, skills, track record and chemistry to help lead and complement your organization. Identify both the skillset and the mindset that your candidates need to succeed Consider potential leaders within your organization Launch a disciplined search for the right external people to fill those positions for which there are no internal candidates Advise you on competitive offers to attract and retain the best talent Facilitate the selected candidate's transition into their new role, and during the first year of their tenure advise them and the company to build a foundation for lasting success.
  • Ensure your leadership team is effective and future-focused
    High-performing companies are driven by high-performing leaders who shepherd the right strategy, culture and execution. To this end is why businesses turn to Standish. We consult with you to reflect in a confidential setting on your expectations. You can talk openly with us about issues, concerns and ideas. Most importantly, with us you'll assure the right organization structure, leadership and chemistry tailored for your unique business.
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