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The Standish Model


Standish deploys the unique Standish Model© to build every search; to counsel and advise clients before, during and after each search to guarantee a lasting outcome.


The Standish process is hands-on and high touch

to guarantee the most successful outcomes

The Initial Conversation

  • A Standish Principal sits with owners, investors, boards or CEOs to fully understand their company’s operations, objectives and culture;

  • Identifies whether new/additional executives would effectively address company opportunities or concerns;

  • Where appropriate, assists to structure a new position, and to consider the impact on the organization;

  • For every search engagement, we build a proposal detailing our approach and fee schedule, and tailor it to meet each business's unique needs.

The Search Process

  • Standish creates a custom recruiting strategy and candidate network for each engagement---digging beyond job boards---to surface the majority of talent who are not actively seeking a new position. We personally approach these prospects to consider a career move that is good for them and for our client.

The Follow-Through

  • Standish leads the new executive assimilation process;

  • Works with the new executive and the company for the first year post-hire to identify and address any opportunities for improvement that either may have;

  • Guarantees retention of the selected candidate and places a portion of Standish’s fee at risk for one full year after placement;

  • Declares a successful search only after the new executive’s first year of actual results.

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