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Succession Strategy

Find and prepare tomorrow’s leaders today


Leadership changes can disrupt your business. Succession planning makes it a smoother transition.

For companies positioning for an ownership transition, clear successors for leadership positions provide an important asset to the owner and to the acquirer.

For a business with an eye toward the future, succession planning is neither "one-size-fits-all" nor is it a one-time event. Whether you are executing a carefully developed succession plan or reacting to a sudden leadership departure, Standish Executive Search offers services to support your organization through a leadership transition.

Our expert team helps you design, improve and implement effective leadership succession plans so that you have the talent supply when demand calls. We work with you to create the leadership talent pool needed to execute your strategy.

The result? Continuity of high-performing leadership, ready to meet the challenges of today...and tomorrow.

Standish works with you to sustain the organization through an effective succession strategy.
  • Assess your known and potential needs

  • Know your in-house talent

  • Build an executive succession plan

  • In addition to their current job performance, evaluate the potential of your people to move to larger or different responsibilities

  • Assess when they could be ready

  • Plan for targeted development, growth opportunities and training to help realize their potential

  • Understand their personal career interests

  • Identify known external leaders who may fit your succession plans

  • As the business changes and grows, regularly revisit your succession plans

Whether your new executive is an internal successor or an external candidate, we help them to develop their own plan and assimilate in their new role. They will meet the company's immediate and longer term needs and also appreciate their own growth, success and career opportunities.
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