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Standish Executive Search Now in New Hampshire

To better serve companies in Northern New England that are seeking the right leaders for their businesses, Standish Executive Search has established a presence in Bedford, New Hampshire.

“Mid-size and smaller businesses located in New Hampshire that are addressing growth, change or succession challenges are a primary focus for our firm,” said Stanley Davis, Founding Principal of Standish Executive Search. “While today’s technology allows us to communicate with businesses located anywhere, we find nothing compares with the ability to be a short drive away from our clients’ locations and meet with them face-to-face.”

Standish Executive Search recognizes that mid-size and smaller companies do not necessarily maintain the in-house resources to support executive search efforts. To assure a successful outcome for its clients, Standish also provides added expertise and resources along with a guarantee on each of their searches for up to one year.

Advanced and sophisticated companies in New Hampshire are a growing part of the state’s economy and working with them to identify the right leaders to grow their businesses is the core competency of the Standish Team.

Additionally, Davis noted, "As New Hampshire’s population of Baby Boomers continues to increase, business succession is a key consideration for many in the Granite State’s business community.”


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