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Standish Executive Search Announces Worcester, MA Opening

Firm attracted to Worcester to support the rapidly growing business community

To better serve central Massachusetts companies that are seeking the right leaders for their changing businesses, Standish Executive Search has established a presence in Worcester, MA. Standish Principal, Stanley Davis, and Standish Advisor, Kelley Small, will lead the company’s Bay State office.

Standish Executive Search is a New England-based firm that works with business owners and executives who are positioning their companies for accelerated growth, change or succession. The firm fills a unique niche, attracting talent for small- and medium-sized businesses that may not have sufficient resources or experience to identify and attract essential new leadership talent.

Standish’s presence in Worcester compliments current offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Manchester, New Hampshire.

“While today’s technology allows us to communicate with businesses located anywhere, we find nothing compares with the ability to be a short drive away from our clients’ locations and to meet with them face-to-face," said Kelley Small, Advisor to Standish Executive Search.

The Worcester office will be led by Standish's Founding Principal, Stanley Davis, who is a recognized leader in organization building and business transformation, and Kelley Small, a former long-time Worcester-area resident, business owner and business advisor. Both are seasoned business leaders and advisors.

The rapid growth of the business sector in central Massachusetts has embraced Standish’s unique model that enables the firm to work across industries.

“Advanced and sophisticated companies in Massachusetts are a burgeoning factor in the state’s economy. Working with them to identify, attract and guarantee the success of their right new leaders is a core competency of the Standish Team,” said Stanley Davis, Standish’s founding principal.

Working closely with mid-sized and smaller companies, including family businesses, to structure, attract and guarantee the success of the right new leaders is a unique asset that Standish brings to the Worcester area.

Terry Shepherd, managing partner of ROCG – Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting Group – a Worcester-based financial and business advisor observes that, “I have previously recommended Standish to a number of our corporate clients to secure essential new leaders for their changing businesses. We look forward to having Standish here in Worcester as an important resource to our central Massachusetts business communities.”

ROCG provides counsel and guidance to businesses for change or transition along with value growth planning positioning.

Standish Principals guarantee outcomes. They provide their expertise and resources to clients — before, during and after each search.


Stan Davis is the Founding Principal of Standish Executive Search, a New England-based firm that advises business owners, executives and boards who are positioning their companies for accelerated growth, change or succession.

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