Leadership Solutions For A Change


Who is Standish.…  
We are an executive recruiting and organization advisory firm positioning businesses for growth, change or succession.
As a leadership solutions provider, we collaborate with every client to support their unique operation, strategy and culture.

Industry Expertise.
 Recognizing that each business is unique, our team has the broad industry background and expertise to define and meet
the leadership challenges across industries, placing candidates with a diverse range of expertise and experience.

Solutions  (The Standish Model®)...
Our proprietary model assures a close collaboration with your organization planning and talent acquisition strategies.
We understand that every organization is unique.  Our solutions are based on your business goals.

The Team
Together we deploy over 100 years of diverse organization building and talent management experience to customize
each and every client engagement. Our principals and researchers are dedicated to each client…personally!

Our team applies their expertise, responsiveness and professional insights to support business building
and change management successes.

Our clients and candidates openly share their Standish experiences.  They recount our attentiveness to support, essential
business and professional needs, and to make lasting company-candidate matches.


News & Articles

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