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As it addresses the widening acceptance and increasing appetite for medical and recreational cannabis, this budding industry faces extraordinary leadership challenges.

Evolving state by state, it is already a multi-billion dollar industry and its rapid expansion is continuing.  As the industry businesses navigate their early life cycle (conceive – launch – grow) there is, as yet, an insufficient reservoir of seasoned leadership talent to sustain it.

Unique as they are, many of the operational and strategic demands are consistent with other burgeoning new companies. Like those in innovative pharmaceutical and aerospace companies, for example, the right candidates for company leadership will have demonstrated their effectiveness in highly regulated yet fast moving environments.

Regardless of their industry experience, they will have the resolve and strength of character to handle regulation and extreme scrutiny – cultural, community and legal. They will have intelligence and character to lead not only operations and strategy, but also essential legal and regulatory affairs, and press and community relations.

The cannabis industry is still too young to produce proven leadership candidates in sufficient numbers.  Thus the recruitment mission is complex: Supplement industry talent with leaders from other sectors who bring the unique and transferable skills to thrive in the cannabis industry.



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