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Standish principals structure effective organizations and secure
the right leaders for unique situations in varied industries.

Business to Business & Professional Services

Successful organizations continuously adjust their capabilities and capacities. Often they turn to the expertise or resources of other businesses to expand offerings or markets, provide new technologies, seize a competitive advantage, or otherwise supplement their own resources.
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Family Owned Business

Family owned businesses have all the attributes and challenges of more widely owned enterprises. Yet they also have a distinctive bond with their past and future legacies and, generally, a heightened commitment to their communities and employees.
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The manufacturing sector in America employs nearly 14 million people, and at more than 1/8th of the country’s GDP is central to its prosperity and security.
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The Cannabis Industry

As it addresses the widening acceptance and increasing appetite for medical and recreational cannabis, the budding cannabis industry faces unprecedented leadership challenges.
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Consumer Products & Services

The consumer products and services (CPS) industry represents the largest business category in the nation. With our decades of experience, Standish has worked with consumer-oriented companies to consider their key employee and organization needs, and to identify, assess and recruit the right executives who make a lasting business impact.
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Not-For Profit

Not-for-profit organizations provide essential services not only to American and global communities, but also to common interest groups and associations with non-profit objectives.
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The historical innovation of products, the expansion of markets, and the transformation of work have all been accelerated by developing technologies. The conception and roll-out of these technologies and their practical applications rely on visionary leaders with high risk tolerance to operate on uncharted courses.
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Women Owned Businesses

Flourishing businesses that happen to be owned or led by women are found in every size and in every sector of our economy. Their measures of success are no different than any other. Although women-owned businesses build accomplishments by employing broadly proven objectives and disciplines, their results are achieved through unique cultures and styles of leadership.
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