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Name: rEVOLVE Series
 April 30, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EDT

Beyond the resume – recruiting the right leaders for your company 

Almost every organization is hungry to find the “right talent” when growing its management team. Hiring is challenging and stressful at any time and is exacerbated by record low unemployment rates. Employers need to be creative to get the attention of a promising leader and convince them why your company is the best choice for them.  

Does your brand reflect your company? Does your website highlight why you are an employer of choice? Everything you do in the recruiting process – both passive and active – needs to demonstrate that an opportunity at your company is worth pursuing. 

On April 30, Kelley Small and Stan Davis, principals of Standish Executive Search, a New England based executive search firm, will discuss, through an interactive program, how you can position your company to stand out from the competition and begin to attract the leadership talent you’ve been searching for. Standish will lead a discussion with you on why some recruiting approaches may be hurting your efforts and suggest ways to turn that approach around.

What is the rEVOLVE series?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re traveling in a circle, revolving instead of evolving?
In the current business climate, it is critical to continuously develop and adapt your practices and your skills.  Long gone is success founded on “doing what we’ve always done!”   This workshop is a forum in which Chamber members share diverse expertise and experiences with other members. 
Educational, innovative, inspiring, and dare we say, disruptive business and leadership ideas will be shared.  
Lunch will be provided by Ignite!


About Standish Executive Search:

Standish Executive Search is a New England-based firm that builds every search to meet each client’s unique culture, operations and strategy objectives.  The firm counsels and advises companies seeking accelerated growth, change or succession, employing Standish’s unique Standish Model© to identify, attract and retain the right leaders. More information can be found at

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